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Well prepared for emergencies and crises!

Power failure? That won’t happen.

Implementing a solid business continuity management (BCM) system takes time and costs money, so many companies take the “nothing will happen” approach, which can lead to horrendous losses in the event of an emergency.

We understand Business Continuity Management as a company wide approach, that ensures that the core processes can be upheld or timely restored in the case of an internal or external incident.

In ISO 22301 operational Business Continuity Management is defined a bit more extensive as “a holistic management process to mark potential threat to the organization as well as their possible impact on business operations and the provisioning of a frame to create the correspondent organizational resilience with the ability to effectively protect the interest of your major associates as well as your reputation, your brand and your value-adding activities”.

BCM includes risk reduction (proactive/ preventative) of financial, legal and reputational impacts of negative incidents, as well as the planing (reactive) for a potential occurence of an emergency with the corresponding restart processes. In the context of BCM, it is often spoken of the resilience of a company during an incident.

ITSCM (Information Technology System Continuity Management) is an area of the company wide BCM.

Our approach

We don’t see the introduction of a BCM System as a cost factor, but as a means to lower business cost in the long term, e.g. through considerably deeper insurance premiums. Additionally, BCM Planing helps you to keep costs low in case of emergency and to avoid a crisis. With this approach we concentrate on critical processes, that significantly contribute to your company’s value chain, and help you to plan possible scenarios and emergency plans.

Following the goals of our Business Continuity Management Consulting:

Business Continuity Management Consulting

Our expertise in the field of Business Continuity Management lies in the areas

The goal of an examination of your BCM System is to systematically record the actual condition of your system.

With this process we focus on a differentiated target concept that we create, based on our expertise, together with you, the adapt it to meet your needs optimal and orient it on a Bets-Practice Standard.

As a result you get a solid report with a profile of your BCM Systems strengths and weaknesses and concrete suggestions to optimize the system and the positive development of your company.

If you seek to certify your BCM System, we support you in the preparation and throughout the process of the certification according to ISO 22301.

The goal is the successful certification through a certified organization after the two first audits (stage 1 and stage 2).

We support you with the choice of an accredited institution with specification sheets and with the choice of a provider with the criteria matching your needs.

We examine if your existing BCM System is mature for certification and if necessary propose additions or adjustments to reach the above-mentioned goal.

We will be present throughout the audits and support you with answering the questions and preparing the meeting.

As a result, you can prepare optimally for the certification and you are well informed about the processes and procedures.

The goals of the introduction of a comprehensive BCM System are:

  • You strengthen your company’s resilience with regards to your emergency management
  • You know your company’s critical processes and their maximal tolerable down time
  • You are able to keep up your company’s critical processes in case of an incident without major damage
  • In case of an incident you have suitable solution strategies in place
  • Your BCM System and the necessary documentation protects you from latent liability risks through uncontrollable production downtime

As a result of our engagement you get a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis and a practical BCM manual with concrete strategies and emergency plans.

The goal of our emergency drills is to train the case of emergency with the relevant employees and infrastructures. In the process we rely on your BCM strategy and emergency plans, that build the base for our case scenarios.

As result of such a training you not only get a well prepared and experienced team, but also insights in the efficiency and relevance of your existing BCM System. Based on our observations, a debriefing with the participants and their hands-on experience we will present you an extensive report including measures to improve you BCM System. In addition, we document the actions of the individual participants in this report, and point potential risk out to them.

In addition to consultations, we offer trainings on the topic of Business Continuity Management at our course center or individually at your company.

Do you have any questions to our offer or wish a Business Continuity Management Consulting?

We are looking forward to helping you.

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