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Information Security as an elementary component in overall Risk Management

Hacking, cybercrime, phishing, hacktivism, identity theft, Information Security, IT Security, Data Protection etc. are the buzzwords of our time, but what do they mean for your company and your Information Security Management System?

Information is the most important resource of any company. They form the basis of all strategies, services or product developments. Only with the right information can companies find suitable business partners, anticipate the behavior of their customers and thus tap into new business potential. Against this background it quickly becomes clear why their protection is so important. In times of growing digitalization, and the associated increasing amount of data and information, the demands on Information Security are rising. Customers and business partners, but also regulatory authorities and legislators are increasingly holding companies responsible in this area. For good reason, because the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information is threatened by a multitude of dangers in a digitalized world. These risks usually lurk in secret and are not always immediately visible. Therefore, caution is urgently required here too: ignoring these risks is now often interpreted as a lack of due diligence in current case law and can have serious financial, reputation, civil, liability or even criminal consequences.

Protect customer data: Ingenieurbüro Götsch AG and Verismo GmbH are ISO 27001 certified

On October 10th 2019 the Information Security Management System of Ingenieurbüro Götsch AG and Verismo GmbH was certified with ISO 27001 by the Swiss Safety Center AG for the business areas Software Development, Systems Engineering and Consulting.

Our approach

We see Information Security Management as an integral part of any holistic Security and Risk Management System. This is all the more relevant because your handling of information can also significantly affect the security of your customers, partners and suppliers.

Ensuring Information Security in a company is primarily a management task. In order to effectively pursue a holistic approach to the effective handling of Information Risks, we therefore recommend the introduction of a proven and effective Information Security Management System (ISMS).

We support companies and organizations of all sizes – from listed corporations to SMEs with few employees – in setting up, operating, reviewing and improving Information Security Management Systems that are eligible for ISO 27001 certification. We are also happy to accompany you all the way to certification.

Following the goals of our Information Security and Data Protection Consulting:

Our Consulting Services on Information Security and Data Protection

The goal of our consulting is to establish and implement an Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001 in your company. If you wish, we can also accompany you all the way to certification by a relevant authority.

The duration from project start to certification depends on several factors: the current status of your company, company size, etc.

As a result of our consulting, you will have an Information Security Management Manual in which all processes in your company are documented.

Modular Solutions

We are also happy to support you with status and compliance assessments, risk analyses and awareness campaigns in your company and offer you individual modular solutions according to your needs. Contact us today and arrange a consultation appointment.

You can find the flyer for our offers here: Information Security Management Systems for SME

In addition to our consultations, we offer trainings on the topic of Information Security Management at our course center or individually at your company.

Do you have any questions to our offer or wish a Information Security Management Consulting?

We are looking forward to helping you.

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