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The Crisis Management Solution: Process-oriented, Flexible & Independent

DEMiOS is a web-based, software tool, that supports crisis units in their work.


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Picture this: A serious incident has taken place at one of your plants. Three employees were killed and many left injured. Hazardous substances are leaking. The rescue services are on duty. Loudspeakers call on the surrounding residents to not leave their homes and close the windows. On social media, the first pictures of the accident begin to circulate. Hateful discussions about missed safety precautions on site are raging. Journalists are now at your door and the CEO wants answers from you about how something like this could have happened. You finally manage to round up your crisis team members. You are seated at the head of the table. Your colleagues speak nervously in a confused manner. Mobile phones ring around the room and you calculate where and how you should start. You practiced “the emergency case” back in your crisis training three years ago, yet suddenly everything is so much more complicated – a far more chaotic. None of that seems of any help as the situation worsens with every minute of hesitation. In such critical situations, rapid and coordinated action is paramount in dealing with the situation. Therefore, it is important to work systematically and structure your work. Based on the leadership rhythm and the leadership aid of the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection BABS, DEMiOS is here to help. We support crisis teams to be productive and systematically tackle problems with immediate effect.

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How it works:

CIS Visualization

The Crisis Information System (CIS) is a visualization option, that provides a clear overview of the situation and pending tasks in real time. It helps management stay on top of any changes to the crisis situation and overdue tasks.

Alarm and Information

With DEMiOS, team members involved in the event can be notified by email or text message. DEMiOS can also be integrated into your alarm system and notify all (predefined) crisis unit members and other relevant parties during an emergency.

Communication and Document Sharing

DEMiOS facilitates communication between members of the crisis unit and other relevant parties with full security and encryption. DEMiOS also offers the possibility to upload files such as protocols, photos, etc. to be stored safely, based on predefined access rights. These documents are always available to the crisis unit members.


DEMiOS is a control tool that assists the crisis unit in its methodological work. It helps allocate responsibilities, competences and tasks, structuring the work of the crisis unit. This allows the crisis unit to develop solutions in a systematic and efficient manner to act immediately.

Interactive protocol

DEMiOS documents any action, communication, uploaded documents, etc. in a chronological interactive protocol. This protocol works in the background and provides you with legally sound documentation of the event.


DEMIOS is offered in three levels: From DEMiOS lite for use in local crisis teams, to DEMiOS professional for the integration of networked IT structures, to DEMiOS Corporate for the support of complex corporate organizations with multiple crisis teams.

DEMiOS is not a tool that you buy and are then left to figure out alone. We have combined many years of consulting activity in the field of risk-, continuity-, emergency-, security- and crisis management with solid skills in software development and systems engineering. Our consultants will train your crisis team and our IT experts will integrate DEMiOS into your IT systems.

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