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Why you should manage your Company Security

The terms Company Security and Security management are ambiguous and often refer only to the physical security of the facility. But we believe, that a separation of IT and Non IT topic in Company Security will loose importance in the future and that, additionally to physical security, Information Security and the security of critical Business Processes must be considered.

Our approach

We pursue a process oriented Security Management approach, that is based on the sum of all measures: technical, logical and organizational, so that all Business Processes along the value chain function interference-free. With this integral approach we clarify, that Security should contribute fundamentally to a company’s value chain. Thus we also revise the image of Company Security as a pure cost factor without an essential contribution to the value chain.

Together with our partner KRAISS WILKE & KOLLEGEN Sicherheitsberater GmbH, we serve a comprehensive Consulting offer in the area of integral Security Management.

Intergal Security Management gets a new face

The basis is set: KRAISS WILKE & KOLLEGEN Sicherheitsberater GmbH and Verismo GmbH will cooperate more closely from now on

Following the goal of our
Security Management Consulting:

Security Management Consulting

Our expertise in the field of Security Management lies in the areas

Every company has certain Security Measures. But often it lacks of a comprehensive overall concept, that would not only allow to ensure physical security, but also to protect processes and information. Those concepts cause costs, that in the view of management often don’t serve the original value chain, but very much protect the value chain.

The goal of the examination of existing Security Measures and Structures is to recognize weak points, identify opportunities to contribute to the value chain and to lower the cost for Security Management in the long term.

As result you will get a solid assessment of your individual Company Security. Based on this assessment, you get concrete recommendations to optimize your Security Management.

Our Consulting expertise has shown, that in many companies the topic “Security” has grown historically. Often separate areas are even very well developed, but in many cases it lacks of:

  • a clear reference to the business strategy
  • a clear derivation of the Security Requirements from business processes and the risk analysis
  • a distinct definition of the planning and regulation processes
  • a continuous, process oriented Security Management System

Many companies already have a distinct Quality Management. It is therefore reasonable,

  • to transfer established methods – amongst others the PDCA-Cycle – to the Security Management
  • to design the Security Management analogue the Quality Management
  • and subsequently integrate it in a Management System

The goal of the introduction of a integral Security Management System is at first to define security goals and policies and the to finalize subject areas, responsibilities and Security Processes.

We elaborate the individual topics with the responsible employees. We examine existing structures and measures and integrate them in a new Security Management System. It passes through several Cycles of the Quality Management. The modular composition ensures an individual System, that is based on your company’s concrete security needs. Like this the share of Security in the value chain becomes apparent.

As result you have a newly introduced Security Management System as well as the relevant manuals and processes for a reliable and efficient Security Management.

You can find more information to our services in the area of Information Security Management on the page about Information Security and Data Privacy.

In addition to consultations we offer trainings on the topic of Security Management at our course center or individually at your company.

Do you have any questions to our offer or wish a Security Management Consulting?

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