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Simplifying complex processes in the area of plant security

CUSTODiOS is a web-based tool that provides the operative security personnel with an automated basis for everyday tasks and optimizes classical processes in a practice-oriented way. It offers the shift supervisor control over the current situation at all times. Incidents and events are systematically recorded and form the basis for the evaluation of the current security situation in your company – site-related and company-wide.

What can CUSTODiOS do for you?

Are you head of the security department and responsible for several plants at different locations? Then you probably know the feeling of not being the first to hear about an incident in one of your plants?

Do you also have a large number of checklists and contact lists, of registration forms and protocols? And does it happen that they are not or at least not fully applied? Does the quality of shift reports and event messages often depend on people?

CUSTODiOS is a software tool that gives you a complete overview of the security status of your company and creates an automated basis for the daily tasks of your security staff. Thus CUSTODiOS controls the measures of your danger defense organization.

And that's how it works:

Event Processing & Alarming

Event recording: Events of all kinds are systematically recorded and classified, and can be supplemented with documents and photos.

Alarming: For each event, company-specific checklists and contact lists, as well as action plans and any kind of internal forms can be stored. The alarming is equipped with a court-proof acknowledgement function.

Events and measures at a glance: Each event and measure is listed in a general overview with its status (entered, in process, completed). Relevant persons always have an up-to-date picture of the overall situation for all locations.

Edit event: For each event, the defined actions can be edited and tasks already completed can be viewed.

Generate event reports & assign persons: Orders can be delegated to different persons and reports can be generated with all important information about the event.

Security Management

Shift handover & shift report: When a shift is handed over, a PDF file of the shift protocol is automatically created and daily journals and company-specific reports can be created based on the recorded events.

Shift planning: The shift planning and documentation is created and maintained in the system.


Virtual tour CUSTODiOS

CUSTODiOS is not a tool you buy and then are on your own. We combine many years of consulting activity in the field of risk, continuity, emergency, security and crisis management with solid skills in software development and systems engineering. Our consultants will train your team and our IT experts will integrate CUSTODiOS into your IT systems.

Do you have questions about our software tools or would you like a personal consultation?

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