Holiday start 2021

Dear Sirs, Dear Madams,

The horizon of the Corona sky brightens. There are growing signs that the current wave of the pandemic may be drawing to a close. We are all happy that the number of infections is declining sharply and that “normal” life is returning. We hope that you have survived the past months well and continue to stay healthy.
The crisis period, which we hope is now behind us, has demanded a lot from all of us. This applies to both the personal and the professional side. Open questions in the private sector include:

  • How will the social consequences be addressed, especially for children and young people?
  • What economic consequences will the past months have in the medium term?
  • Should we expect a new outbreak in autumn?

In the area of our clients, we have been able to accompany a number of companies on their way through the Corona crisis in recent months. Many practitioners had their say in the lecture and discussion round that has been held by teams every fortnight for over a year. Controversial topics were also discussed with refreshing clarity. The following points were mentioned, for example:

  • Increase in ransomware attacks
  • Difficulties in role and decision making in the crisis team
  • International coordination and virtual crisis team work require new solutions

A more detailed account of the issues involved can be found in the article entitled “Basic experiences of the crisis team’s work over the past twelve months”, which appeared in S&S Report issue 1 / 2021, pages 52 – 55.
We have published several articles on the topic of digitalisation in crisis management in recent months.

We are pleased if these publications find your interest.
On this topic, we would like to draw your attention to an event organised by the ASW Bundesverband. On 15 + 17 June 2021, ten companies presented their products for digital crisis management. Our presentation “Deployment of DEMiOS in a highly escalated situation” will be made available on YouTube after technical revision. Take the twenty minutes to get an impression of DEMiOS.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention once again to our seminar programme, which we will be holding again after the holidays at the beautiful Obermühle. We start with the module: Advanced Crisis Management with a new programme on self-reflection of behaviour in crisis on 24 and 25 August.

We wish you all a wonderful summer and a relaxing holiday. Stay healthy.

Klaus Bockslaff and Mathias Götsch