On our own behalf: merger between Ingenieurbüro Götsch AG and Verismo GmbH

As already indicated in the InfoBrief April 2018, we want to adapt and align ourselves to new requirements in terms of both organization and content.

After the corresponding contracts have been concluded on June 18, 2018, Verismo GmbH and Verismo Consulting GmbH will be transferred to Ingenieurbüro Götsch AG retroactively as of January 1, 2018. In return, Dr. Klaus Bockslaff will receive an appropriate amount of the shares of Götsch AG. Dr. Klaus Bockslaff will become a member of the management and the board of directors of Götsch AG for an initial period of five years. Dr. Mathias Götsch becomes co-director of Verismo. Both Verismo companies will remain subsidiaries of Götsch AG. Within Götsch AG, Dr. Bockslaff will strengthen the management capacity and help to take the next development step as a software and consulting company.

The merger created the basis for the development of new products and consulting areas. The professional development of DEMiOS and CUSTODiOS is ensured. The existing consulting portfolio will be maintained and further developed. New topics, such as data protection and IT security, will supplement the existing portfolio. This also includes the strengthening of the consulting and development capacity with new employees. At Verismo we will take into account the increasing importance of new topics and realign our consulting capacity. To this end, we will bundle IT technical and classic consulting knowledge in one overall presence.

The existing seminar program at the Verismo Academy is to be strengthened and further expanded from the Hassloch location. This will include seminars in Switzerland, other locations in Germany and in-house seminars.

These decisions set the course for the continuous development of our consulting activities as well as our tools DEMiOS and CUSTODiOS. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with you.

I commented on the content of the realignment in the previous InfoBrief from April this year. A training program must also be geared to the aforementioned requirements of the future. We will supplement our own established seminar program with new topics. In particular, our highly praised management seminar “Crisis Management for Advanced Managers” has a high level of independent insight, even for those who already have experience in staff work. Leadership in a crisis team starts with self-management. With our training center we offer excellent training opportunities in a very personal environment.

Our web-based tools DEMiOS 2.6 and CUSTODiOS 2.0 offer innovative solutions for tool support in crisis and event management. In this way, we make a first tangible contribution to the digitalization of security processes. Here, we have created additional possibilities with DEMiOS lite and the integration of the Swiss leadership rhythm in a separate version of DEMiOS. See also our DEMiOS News No.5.

We look forward to hearing from you
Klaus Bockslaff and Mathias Götsch