Optimisation of the work of the crisis unit

Work in the crisis teams has been running at full speed for weeks. Routine structures have now been established. The willingness to change these structures is understandably low.

In the current phase, we are seeing the first signs of a flattening of the escalation curve for diseases, which is clearly highlighting the economic losses. This phase offers the opportunity to optimise and re-launch the work of the crisis unit. Restart planning and its implementation will require all our attention. For this purpose we will offer a specific webinar after Easter. The continuous improvement process of the work in the crisis unit should not wait until the current situation is over, but should start now. The time of flipcharts and Excellists had its justification, but should now be over. Considerable demands lie ahead of us, which must be mastered.

In this situation we offer you, as our contribution in the current situation, to use our latest crisis management tool DEMiOS 3.0 with all its functionalities free of charge and without restrictions for the next three months. Afterwards you can decide whether you want to keep it permanently. We can make DEMiOS 3.0 available to you at short notice. The English version will be available soon. We will be happy to inform you about the details.

This tool not only provides alerting, but also supports you, on the basis of the Swiss staff tool, to manage the crisis management team’s work methodically and operationally efficiently and to avoid process-related and administrative difficulties.

DEMiOS 3.0 supports the crisis management team in its work in a highly escalated situation and at least provides a clear structure. DEMiOS 3.0 communicates and logs all steps in the crisis management team’s work, e.g. situation assessment, impact analysis, decision-making, clear assignment of tasks, feedback and much more. As the person in charge, your goal must be to get in front of the situation. Our tool offers you invaluable support in the implementation process.

Please get a first impression in our explanation video.

Interested? Then do not hesitate and arrange an appointment for an interview, which we will be happy to conduct remotely during these days. Every week there are first presentations in groups by MS teams. During in-depth discussions you will then have the opportunity to gain a deeper first impression in an accompanied practical test. We would also be happy to advise you on the further optimisation of your crisis management team work.

We look forward to your feedback and send our best regards

Dr. Klaus Bockslaff and Dr. Mathias Götsch