Introduction of Security Management Systems

In light of the events in Paris and Brussels or the storms of recent days, is your company well positioned in terms of security?

In many companies a lot is done for security, also in yours? As the person responsible for security in the most diverse areas, you solve individual security issues, carry out exercises, have your security concepts checked at regular intervals, and employ specialists with the appropriate wealth of experience. And yet, a strange feeling remains.

In the end, the most diverse security concepts appear to you like a patchwork quilt, historically grown, but without strategically anchored planning, management and control processes.

You are not alone with this impression. The widely used quality management systems rarely include safety concepts or are only half-heartedly considered. Meanwhile, some of those responsible have set out to use already established methods from quality assurance systems – including the PDCA cycle – to design a safety management system and later to combine this in an integrated management system. Read more here or visit our website with continuously updated contents.

Get to know the basic requirements in the two-day Verismo seminar “Introduction of Safety Management Systems”. On the second day, we offer an individual workshop to further deepen and apply you knowledge (optional). Very experienced speakers will be there to answer your questions. Read more in our seminar flyer.

Possibly also interesting:

  • Methods training during the crisis team exercise on November 9-10, 2016 in Ha├čloch. The focus of this exercise will be on the processes in the crisis team and thus the method-oriented approach. Individual steps of the leadership rhythm will be specifically practiced in working groups. Afterwards, a classic training scenario will be “played through” with support from DEMiOS. Register right here.
  • The issues of the PROTECTOR / WIK or KES magazine contain our current training program for crisis management as a supplement. For this purpose, we will soon offer a recognized certificate course in which the modules now available are combined to form an integrated course. We will be happy to provide further information upon request.
  • The dates of our classic seminars can be found on our website.


The further development of our tools DEMiOS and CUSTODiOS continues. You will find current information here. We would be happy to present our tools to you in a web session or directly on site.

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