ISO 31010

You do not always have to do everything yourself. Sometimes it is enough to refer to the work of others.

For example, to the work of the World Economic Forum. In the Global Risk Report 2016, the WEF shows how the geopolitical situation is further aggravated. For security managers, the second part in particular is very worth reading: The Security Outlook 2030. This link leads you directly to the corresponding pdf.

ISO 31010 explains risk management methods in practice:

Work on the new risk management system ISO 31000 will continue. In their shadow, another working group, in which I am allowed to participate as a member of the Swiss delegation, has revised ISO 31010 “Risk Management Methods” and submitted a first draft for comment. In the new ISO 31010, as a supplement to ISO 31000, fundamental methodological questions were clarified and a large number of risk identification and assessment methods were presented. The current text of the new ISO 31010 can be ordered directly from ISO.

Automotive industry checks safety at suppliers:

In our project work, two focal points have become much more relevant this year: These are precautions against terrorist risks and natural hazards. And this is – within the framework of continuity management – related to the supply security of suppliers. The automotive industry in particular is now taking this issue seriously and is asking its direct suppliers about the security situation at their suppliers as well. Natural hazards such as earthquakes and floods are of particular importance in this context. So the events with the tsunami in Japan and the floods in Thailand in 2011 are having an impact. And the vulnerability of the supply chain has grown even further since then.

Further education and training:

  • Of our current seminar program, we especially recommend the method training during the crisis management team exercise on April 6th 2016 in Ha├čloch. This exercise will focus on the processes in the crisis team and thus the method-oriented approach. We will pick out individual steps of the leadership rhythm and practice them specifically in working groups. In a second phase, we will jointly “play through” a classic training scenario and also use DEMiOS. Click here to register.
  • The dates for our seminar programme for 2016 will be supplemented in autumn by a training seminar on risk management methods. At this event, I will present the draft of ISO 31010 together with my colleague Dr. Axel Sitt and discuss it with the participants. We will provide first-hand information on this important topic. Further information will follow.
  • The dates of our classical seminars can be found on our website. The latest issue of the magazine PROTECTOR / WIK contains our current training program on crisis management as a supplement.


The development of our tools continues:

  • In DEMiOS, our leadership tool for crisis management, we have made various further developments based on practical requirements. We have provided details in the newsletter DEMiOS News No. 3
  • With CUSTODiOS, we have created an event reporting system for site security based on the web-based technology of DEMiOS, which is of interest to the plant security of various corporations.

We are happy to present our tools to you at a web session or directly on site.

We look forward to meeting you at the one or other occasion.

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